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I did it!! Lots of tears and healing in this one! Beautiful lesson!! ... I'll be listening to this one many more times. So grateful for this course!! 

Tarin M.


1: Caged

The conditioning of our past has caged us into a life of being who we're not.

2: Caging Others

We do the same thing to our husband and children without realizing it.

3. Awareness

We realize the door is open and we can create an authentic life by design.

4. Freedom

Authenticity brings us true love and happiness through alignment.

Learn How To Stop Letting Loved Ones From Your Past Define Your Relationships Today

Heal from the ones who silenced you.

"May you never be the reason why someone who loved to sing, doesn't anymore. Or why someone who dressed so uniquely, now wears plain clothing. Or why someone who always spoke so excitedly about their dreams, is now silent about them. May you never be the reason someone gave up on a part of themselves because you were demotivating, non-appreciative, hypercritical, or even worse--sarcastic about it."  - Mostafa Ibrahim

  • Know What You Want

    Reconnect to your own intuition and silence the critical inner voice so you can be authentic (do what you want to do and be who you want to be) without the guilt of hurting others.

  • Create An Authentic Relationship

    By becoming more of who you really are, you give your husband the chance to fall in love with the REAL you. You'll create the relationship you've always wanted to have without sacrificing.

This course is for you if:

  • You're Stuck

    You're feeling stuck in your marriage or relationship, unsure of what to do next.

  • You Want Them To Behave Better

    You don't know what to do to make your partner or child behave better.

  • You Want to Parent Differently

    You know you want to parent differently than your parents did, or have a marriage that is better (or longer lasting) than theirs was.

  • Your Husband's Parenting is Unconscious

    You just cannot get on the same page as your partner about anything since the kids were born.

  • Divorce Seems Like The Next Option

    You are ready to divorce if something doesn't change.


Here's What You Get

Your Authentic Life Begins Today

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  • 25 Video Lessons

    Access all 5.45 hours of video content from your desktop or mobile device! Most lessons are ~10 minutes so you can spread them out or take them all at once. You'll learn from these 25 classes:


    1. Discovering Your Cage
    2. Breaking Down the Walls of Institutions
    3. A Baby Changes Everything
    4. From Reacting to Responding
    5. From Lack to Abundance Mindset
    6. True Love
    7. Meeting Our Needs
    8. The Narcissist and The Empath
    9. Boundaries and Limitations
    10. Finding Authenticity
    11. Why Does This Bother Me?
    12. The Relationship Is The Gift
    13. Practical Matters
    14. Pleasure and Addiction
    15. Disassociation and Distraction
    16. Love Yourself Through It
    17. When You Love An Addict
    18. Cheating, Lies, and Deceit
    19. Making Love
    20. When It's Too Late
    21. Divorce
    22. Intention + Releasing The Lesson
    23. Communication
    24. Fear Matching
    25. A New Partnership
  • 22 Worksheets

    Most lessons include their own PDF worksheet that you can download and fill out to take what you've just learned even further.


    You'll feel relief from getting to know the real you and understanding what you want and need, and how to get it. 

  • 3 Meditations

    Listen to audio recordings of meditations designed to support you in your journey.


    Plus, you'll have access to any course updates or additions!


Learn more about the course from the perspective of these Authentic Wives!

Danielle Featherson

"Family dynamics changed with the birth of our second child, and old communication routines that worked brilliantly pre-kids were strained with one child and rendered useless for managing the family and maintaining our marriage with two little people in the house. The day my husband came home and asked me about my day, I knew something was different. Nothing went as planned, the house was a mess, our children hadn’t been the best listeners, my to-do list was less than half done and he got home later than I anticipated, leaving me with more of the pre-bedtime responsibility than usual, but I didn’t say any of that. I’d laughed and played and made the most of my day without being triggered by the things that usually throw shade over my day. Now I have a mental framework to help me understand what I’m up against and language I can use to begin healing myself and defending my relationships from the shadows of fears and frustrations from long ago that creep back into my life through modern triggers in my day-to-day life with my husband, children and even my parents."

Brittany May

"Before this course it was like we were trying to speak two different languages! Beth offered a unique perspective on the common challenges and hurdles we face in any relationship. She allowed me to take a deeper look at the surface level issues and actually address what was truly going on behind them! My husband and I often had the same end goals but would go about them in different ways which would cause friction, just realizing this as well as having better tools to communicate has helped us get on the same page!"

Jaime Jo Freeman

"One of the things I love about Beth's work is how detailed and comprehensive she is when explaining situations with our partners and children. Her analogies really helped me understand her concepts and made it easy to remember when in a situation in my relationships. Anyone who works with her in any capacity will learn and grow within themselves. One of the best relationship programs out there, highly recommend all of Beth's programs." 


Live The Authentic Life

Become the fullest, happiest, most loving expression of yourself by understanding the root cause of the conflicts in your relationships today.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn:

  • What the cage is

    And why we do the things we do because of our childhood experiences

  • Why you got married

    And how the unconscious intention behind it is causing a fracture in your partnership

  • How a baby puts incredible pressure 

    On a relationship, revealing its cracks

  • How to go from lack to abundance

    And move out of conditions ripe for depression

  • Why what you think is love is

    Is holding you back from happiness

  • How to identify and meet your needs

    Without causing suffering for your children

  • Where you fall on the narcissist-empath spectrum

    And how to get out of the roles you've both been playing

  • How to set and hold boundaries and limits

    For yourself and your children

  • What your emotions mean & how to regulate them

    As well as how to be your child's Emotion Coach

  • Understand your patterns

    And why certain behaviors trigger you

  • How to use the relationship you have to grow

    Before repeating the same patterns with another

  • Practical matters like balancing household chores

    And financial stress 

  • Why we have addictions

    And how to help your spouse through theirs or begin to heal yours

  • How to re-establish trust 

    And create honest and open lines of communication with your child or spouse

  • What to do if you've been cheated on

    Or are thinking about having an affair yourself

  • How to connect with sex

    And set rewarding intentions for intimacy

  • If divorce is best for your or your child

    And when, if at all, to have one

  • How to release the lessons 

    From your current relationship so you can move on into new journeys together

  • How to communicate

    So you each feel seen, heard, and loved

  • Why there may still be doubt about the relationship

    When the other person won't grow

  • How to create a new and rewarding partnership

    Based on the authentic, real, true you!

Thank you... the way you presented it really clicked!

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Beth Rowles

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Authenticity is freedom from the illusion of fear and alignment to the reality of love.

Time is running out to model healthy relationship skills for your kids so they grow up to be adults who have rewarding, healthy support systems. Not only from you and your spouse and the social net you've created, but from their own intimate relationships, friendships, and co-workers. Show your children how to live The Authentic Life starting today!

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