The Happily Ever After Marriage Coaching Program

Happily Ever After Conscious Marriage Program Testimonials

The Happily Ever After Marriage Coaching Program

The Quantum Love Journey
Testimonial From Pilar


This isn't marriage counseling where you both try to win the favor of the counselor and someone has to compromise. Nor is it like other online classes that encourage you to change who you are to be better at relationships. While I do believe you're divine and connecting to your Higher Self is key, this isn't a religious program. And it's not spiritual bypassing, where you just learn how to let people who bother you "fall away." You're going to do the REAL work.


My program helps you clear away the stuff from childhood that isn't serving you anymore, so you can use the conflict in your relationship as a feedback loop to heal and be more of who you authentically are. Not only are you going to learn how to talk without fighting and reconnect, but you're also going to learn how to feel better and happier as you self-parent and self-heal.

My guarantee to you is that by the end of our time together, you'll have the inner toolbox you need to live happily ever after, no matter what happens. Not by ignoring reality, but by facing it head-on to live an empowered, take-no-shit, do-no-harm life as the authentic Queen and mother you are!


And because I've done all the research and work for you, I've distilled everything I know down into fun, easy-to-understand explanations and activities. You'll be following the journey of a new Duchess as she learns how to fill the role of Queen. You'll step more into your power each week during our six months together, and I'll be right beside you to guide you along the way.

Here's how it works:

Step #3: Graduate With Confidence

When you feel confident in a skill, we'll move on to the next, until you've achieved all 6 Crown Jewels and feel ready to lead your family Kingdom!

Now I feel like I can participate back in the family again, spend the evening just being with them and not having the rest of this swirling around in my head… When do I talk to him, how do I say it, what is that going to make me feel like... none of that is here now, in this moment I can be present. And all of that power stays with me and I can trust that whatever's meant to happen will happen.

- E.S. (Mom of 2)


What You'll Learn Each Week

For less than what you'd spend on dinner and a movie a week, you can start transforming not only your marriage, but your life. What could you make happen when you stay in alignment with your authentic self?

  • Month 1: Exploring Triggers

    1. How to identify when you're triggered without denying your feelings
    2. How to know why you're triggered without going to therapy
    3. How to break patterns without being someone you're not
    4. How to accept and understand behavior even when it bothers you.
  • Month 2: Healing

    1. How to heal from your past without your parents
    2. How to know what you need even if you're not confident
    3. How to release what's holding you back without guilt
    4. How to stop learning the same lessons even if you're with the same people
  • Month 3: Energetic Coherence

    1. How to improve your health and stay calm without a prescription
    2. How to meet your needs without depending on others to do it for you
    3. How to do from a state of inspiration even if you crave or hate structure
    4. How to receive love without fear of being hurt or disappointed
  • Month 4: Intention Setting

    1. How to discover your unconscious intentions even if it seems like there aren't any
    2. How to create your experiences without depending on others
    3. How to set a vision for your family without feeling constrained by it
    4. How to cement your manifestations with evidence even if you don't think there is any
  • Month 5: Empathy & Connection

    1. How to have firmer boundaries even if you're worried he'll drag you down
    2. How to soften your heart even if you're afraid of getting hurt
    3. How to heal with real empathy even if you think you're a pro at empathy
    4. How to experience sacred intimacy without getting a new husband
  • Month 6: Communication

    1. How to use coherent communication to listen without getting defensive
    2. How to talk without triggering
    3. How to get others to help even if you're used to pushback
    4. How to lead your family even if your kids are young
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

Did You Know That Children With Married Parents Do Significantly Better in Terms of Academic Achievement, Self-Esteem, Behavior, Popularity, Peer Relationships, and Mental Health?

In 2001, Paul Amato updated his meta-analysis of ninety-two studies previously published in 1991 with results from 77 new studies and he found that, on average, “children with divorced parents did significantly worse than children with continuously married parents in terms of academic achievement, self-esteem, popularity and peer relations, misbehavior, depression, and anxiety.


And in 2000, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology published a study of college students whose parents had divorced that found 75% felt they would have been a different person if their parents hadn’t divorced. 50% said they missed not having their father around, they had a harder childhood than most people, or they wished they had grown up in a never-divorced family. 25% wondered if their father really loved them, and 20% believed they were doomed to repeat their parents’ problems – all significantly different responses than those from students who grew up in always married families.


These aren't the only costs, either. Traditional therapy can cost $240-480 per month. According to a recent survey by Bankrate, the average cost for divorce in the United States is $15,000 per person. 

Loving their dad IS loving them, caring for them, keeping them safe. It IS parenting. It is the call of the human heart to have a loving mother and father to develop both halves of our whole. The rejection, absence, admonishment of either half creates the imbalance within our heart and robs us of our chance at success, happiness, and joy during childhood and until we choose to face it and heal it. There is no greater task for the human mother than to love and be loved by her children's father - to give her children the model of wholeness outside that is growing within them. This is the task of the conscious parent.

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"One of the things I love about Beth's work is how detailed and comprehensive she is when explaining situations with our partners and children. Her analogies really helped me understand her concepts and made it easy to remember when in a situation in my relationships. Anyone who works with her in any capacity will learn and grow within themselves. One of the best relationship programs out there, highly recommend all of Beth's programs." - Jamie Jo Freeman

Happiness Guarantee. Cancel anytime in the first 30 days for a full refund.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Happiness Guarantee - If you decide you're just not ready for this work, you can cancel anytime in the first 30 days and receive a full refund.

Beth Rowles

Marriage Alchemist

Client Testimonial

Have we met? Hi! I'm Beth Rowles!

Creating transformation that matters is what matters to me.

  • Coach

    I've been a Certified Conscious Relationship Coach since 2017 (Jai Institute for Parenting). I'm also a Self-Care Coach (Suzi Lula), Practical Reiki Master, and Certified Heart Math Clinician. I trained with Dr. Shefali Tsabary for 2 years as well. 

  • Author

  • Mom & Wife

My Marriage Started to Crumble After Our Kids Came...

...I was drowning in all of the tasks of motherhood while at the same time anxious about being the best mother I could be.

My husband seemed to be on the sidelines, not helping out or parenting the kids the way I thought he should. Issues like money, our future, and protecting us started to seem really magnified for him and it caused a lot of clashes between us.


As I learned about conscious parenting, took classes, and became a certified conscious parenting coach, our divide seemed to widen even more. I had an abundance mindset and he seemed stuck in lack. It began to feel like I'd outgrown him, that he was too unconscious for us to stay together. I was sure that he needed to be as committed to doing the inner work as I was. He wouldn't read an article I shared or pick up a book.


He went to a therapist with me who decided he had ADD, which opened up a whole new can of worms and created even more trouble as they tried to find a medication that worked, leaving him exhausted and hungry day in and day out. I didn't want my kids to suffer from whatever it was we were going through. But I also didn't want to put them through a divorce or have them in his care alone.


My parents divorced when I was 8 and I still grieve the loss of my family to this day. I was determined to never traumatize my kids the way my family disappearing traumatized me. I had to make it work.


Soon, I realized that I could apply everything I was learning about conscious parenting to my marriage. I could use all of these conflicts with my husband to do the deepest inner work possible. Not only could I accept and learn how to respond instead of react, but I could also develop greater relationship skills, skills I wasn't given or shown as a child. I could accept my husband for who he is rather than all the expectations I'd gathered about who he should be.


Curious about everything, I'm the type of person who researches and learns the best way to do things. I kept reading, taking classes, and learning as much as I could about child development, spiritual psychology, neuroscience, psychophysiological healing, and more -- even quantum physics!


I learned how to help my husband grow through my own journey of stepping out of the role of his "mother" and into the role of leader in my family. Back from the brink of divorce, now I have that marriage I dreamed of having, giving my children the trauma-free childhood they deserve. My husband adds to my life again, supporting me and strengthening his healthy connection with our kids. He grows each day more and more into his best self, just like I do. Through learning how to trust myself, now I trust and depend on him too.


Is This You?

Everyone's royalty in my eyes, but not everyone is ready for this journey. Let's make sure you're a great fit!

  • Dedicated Parent: Women who are passionate about giving their children a trauma-free childhood

  • Personal Growth Seeker: Moms who have been on their inner-growth journey for a while, through classes, therapy, or self-help

  • Spiritually Cool:  Women who are willing to be "one woo" and embrace things like meditation, yoga, energy healing, visualization, etc.

  • Gift Giver:  Great candidates also include inspirational entrepreneurs who are coaches, healers, or other service providers who want to get better at their craft & those relationships. 


I'm Not Your Prince Charming

While I love you bunches, I've been doing this long enough to know that this program isn't a good fit:

  • Distracted Women: Anyone who's not quite ready or able to set aside time to work on themselves. 

  • Virtual Victims: Women desiring someone to commiserate around their husband's challenges instead of desiring to change themselves, or anyone who's not ready to own their part in turning their marriage around (also, Real Victims -- please call 800-799-SAFE if he hurts you!)

  • The Non-Curious:  Moms who unintentionally project their anxiety onto their kids in the form of obsession about what goes onto/into their bodies OR 'fixing' them with a pill, and are not curious or open to a new possibility for balance.

  • Dependent Financially: Those who are controlled by their spouse financially (meaning he can cut off all access to needed resources) and are unable to feel secure holding boundaries (saying no) due to legitimate fear of unreasonable or unsafe responses from their spouse. If you're ready and willing to change this and want support while you do, then we're a great fit!


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • Q. 6 months and 24 lessons seem like a lot! Can I just do it for a few months?

    A. I get it, it sounds like a lot, but I bet you've spent at least 6 months unhappy in your marriage... am I right? This kind of strained relationship took time to create and it takes time to unravel, so I want you to have support while you're doing it and give yourself enough time and space to start seeing the results of your transformation.

  • Q. I suspect my husband has an addiction. Doesn't he need the help?

    A. Addiction is complex and if your husband has more recently seemed to be obsessed with an unhealthy behavior, there's a very good chance that he's doing it to cope with your strained relationship. As long as you're safe, I always encourage women to focus on doing their own work. Your child needs that from you! Addiction is related to attachment issues and healing it requires being in healthy relationships that are also great at holding boundaries and not enabling. 

  • Q. Do you take insurance?

  • Q. How is your program different than other gurus in this field?​

    A. Many of the wisdom teachers I respect are child-centered in some areas, but not in their relationship offerings--leaning toward self-importance over the importance of living in a healthy family instead. And many relationship gurus are focused more on new self-abandoning relationship skills than on authenticity. Still, others focus most on cultivating greater intimacy and connection, which is part of this program but not the main focus, as my clients are often on the brink of divorce.


    Our program is the whole enchilada, helping you do the self-healing you need to authentically utilize the healthy relationship skills you were never shown as a child. My goal is to help you live in a state of love rather than fear (most of the time), making confident decisions from that place of authentic clarity. This is a state where you're not abandoning yourself OR your family.

  • Q. Do you send me the recorded session?​

  • Q. Do you work with men or couples?



Stop Waiting On Him to Grow Up.

Girl, you're not his mother.

But this doesn't have to be...

You're ready to step out of the mothering role you've played with your husband and fully into a supportive partnership with a man you can depend on. You want to give your kids the model of a healthy relationship you wish you'd had so you wouldn't be in this mess now.


In 2001, a study by Furstenberg and Kiernan published in the Journal of Marriage and Family indicated that individuals whose parents divorced are more likely to break up with their live-in partner, suffer economically, live in subsidized housing, be on welfare, and men are more likely to be unemployed. 


But I've got you...


Your Marriage Happily Ever After

Happiness Guarantee - cancel anytime in the first 30 days for a full refund.